Baseline Survey

Baseline Survey

31 July, 2017

The empowering women and children against HIV|AIDS (/EWACH) Program is a three years – MISEREOR, Germany funded initiative which is implemented by Shakti Milan Samaj. The program began in January 2017 and as the part of project activity, Base line survey was conducted in the month of May and June and covered targeted areas in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur Lalitpur, Sindhupalchowk and Nuwakot districts. Baseline was done by project staff in close collaboration with some local partners working in the different districts of intervention. 

So, some of the objective of Baseline includes:
To find out the present status of women in accordance to Social, Demographic, Economic and health related issues.
To trace the area of interest of respondents for Income Generation support and Job placement opportunities.
To verify whether the interest of respondents matches with the present demand-supply status of the market or not.
To know their understanding on HIV/AIDS, Empowerment and so on.
To outline the challenges, stigma and discrimination faced by WLHA.

For the data collection of Baseline survey a set of Questionnaire was prepared consisting of both open ended and close ended questions. The way in which the data was collected was through one-to-one interview and observation method. For this, Survey was conducted with close coordination with the like minded Organization working in the targeted districts. The responses of the participants were treated with strict confidentiality. Good and appropriate sampling helps to improve the reliability and quality of data, and can save time and resources for this sampling should be ‘representative’. So, Purposive Sampling was done .Responses were collected from 82 respondents are who are willing to do something on their own, if they get financial support.

Both the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data was made on the basis of the nature of questionnaire. The responses of close ended Questions are tabulated and analyzed accordingly using the quantitative methods of analysis. Whereas the response of open ended questions are analyzed through interpretive method. After the analysis of  respondents views and opinions on all major questions, finally the baseline report has outlined the major findings of the survey.
More than 98% of the respondents have access to ARV medicine.
Women have minimal decision making power in comparison to their men counterparts.
Out of total number of respondent from Sindhupalchowk district, only a single woman was educated through non-formal education program.
Most of the women are interested in operating a vegetable shop.
75% of the respondents are being infected by HIV through their husband.

To sum up, it covers and focuses basically in specific analysis of how we can empower women through seed money and vocational training for job placements and Income generation activities.  Also, it focuses on empowering women and transforming their lives through their own self livelihood program and economic earning while focusing on the issue of sustainability. It has also tried to figure out the potential sectors for investment with the small amount of seed money available while giving special focus on their field of interest, since we believe that empowerment means right to have self free choice.

We would deeply like to express our sincere gratitude with deep appreciation to donor, MISEREOR, Germany. Without their funding and support, this project would not have been successful. Also, we would like to thank whole Shakti Milan Samaj (SMS) team for their untiring support in making baseline survey a complete task. Similarly, the words of gratitude go to all the participants whose active involvement is the cardinal source of information in the data and information collection procedure.