Enhancing Capacity and Strengthening the Voices of Women living with HIV|AIDS

Enhancing Capacity and Strengthening the Voices of Women living with HIV|AIDS

  • South Asia Women Fund
  • Shakti Milan Samaj
  • 1st November ,2017 - October 30th ,2018
  • Kathmandu
  • ECSV
  • Women living with HIV|AIDS , Board of directors, Staff and Base Members

Project Background

Women living with HIV|AIDS are in Triple trauma from families, society and work place It has been identified that, women living with HIV|AIDS are facing different stigma and discrimination at work place  , lacks basic rights of women living with HIV at work place , discrimination in course of capacities and so on 

Organization governance bodies and staff living with HIV|AIDS   face problems in work place in terms of leadership managements, facilitation, fundraising, donor pitching, human resources managements, educational career development and technology and so on. 

 The  implemented project " enhancing capacity and strengthening the voices of women living with HIV|AIDS focus on practical intervention , capacity and institutional development , laws and polices information , campaign and technology .

Project Objectives

  • The Objectives of Enhancing Capacity and Strengthening the voices of Women Living with HIV|AIDS has three major objectives.
  • Objective( O1 ) -Organizational and Members Capacity - To enhance capacities of base members, governance bodies and staff team of organization.
  • Objective ( O2) - Strengthening Voices of women living with HIV|AIDS - To strengthen voices of women living with HIV|AIDS through variety of mechanisms to express their opinions and views in against women violence , decision making , policy implementation , legal rights , against stigma and discriminations and advocate women issues .
  • Objective ( O3) - Campaign , Information and Communication ( CIC) - To raise awareness and global and national sensitization on women contemporary issues through use of campaign , information and communication ( CIC ) .

Project Activities

  • Activities of Enhancing Capacity and Strengthening the Voices of Women Living with HIV|AIDS.
  • ACTIVITIES( A1) -Capacity Building: SMS will build capacity of the organisation as well as its member base of 100 women living with HIV/AIDS through the following:
  • •Training on Facilitation, presentation and fund raising: Board members, key staff and selected members of SMS will receive these training. An assessment of gaps remaining from last year’s capacity building on related issues will be done and further training provided. 35 women will be trained. SMS will submit 3 new proposals to institutional donors in this grant period.
  • •Providing educational support: The Executive Director, key board members and selected base members will be given support on their educational requirements. •Training on SRHR: 100 base members of SMS will be provided training on sexual and reproductive health and rights and laws pertaining to these.
  • ACTIVITIES(A2) Awareness raising: SMS will employ a variety of strategies to continue the awareness raising among women with HIV/AIDS, government stakeholders, civil society and larger communities. A formulation of campaign, information and communication policy for SMS will be developed through a two-day workshop to guide the awareness raising work of SMS. The following activities will reach out to varied stakeholders:
  • •Campaigns: SMS will celebrate World AIDS Day and International Women’s Day to raise awareness about the diseases. Community leaders and women’s rights activists will be invited to these physical events. Press releases and online petitions will be done as part of the campaigns to gain wider attention.
  • •Forum Theatre and Documentary screenings: SMS will organise these events to showcase the concerns and challenges faced by women living with HIV/AIDS and build discussions among varied communities on these.
  • •Social Media Campaigns: Visuals and campaign videos will be developed and shared on social media to generate interest, increase knowledge and information among wide audience on the rights of women living with HIV/AIDS.
  • •Interaction programmes: SMS will organise interaction programmes among the community of WLHIV/AIDS, school teachers, policy makers, community leaders so the concerns can be shared and the responsibility of respectful and dignified treatment of WLHIV/AIDS can be discussed.