Supportive Environment for Children Affected by AIDS

Supportive Environment for Children Affected by AIDS

  • World Childhood Foundations( Sweden )
  • Shakti Milan Samaj
  • 1st August -2017 - 31st July 2018
  • Kathmandu
  • SECABA(On going )
  • Children Affected by AIDS

Project Background

In past, SMS witnessed huge social stigma and patriarchal values lies on the infected and affected women (widow and single) and their children to adjust in the social setting. Currently SMS has 140 base members, out of 140 women ,95 % women are infected through husband . Most of them are widow and single women. Out of 140 ,100 women did not have legal documents like Citizenship. 

CABA face problems in school in terms of disclosing their identities in school due to social stigma regarding AIDS. So, through this project, it proposed to intervene in school interms of advoacy and to mitigate social stigma regarding AIDS in school. CABA are in double trauma from families, society and schools. It has been idenfied that, there were no policy rights for CABA.  There is only cash transfer provision. Government used to provide 1000 NPR for CABA children but only few organization and CABA has access to this benefits . So, this project is targetted to do policy advocacy for CABA. 

Underlining such policy gaps for CABA, this proposed project runs in three modules: Research, Communication/support &Advocacy/lobbying of CAB A (Children Affected by HIV/AIDS). 

Project Objectives

  • To do baseline survey to acquire new data on existing scenario of CABA
  • To put baseline survey data online and make it accessible universally
  • To create information, Education and communication materials online and offline for mitigating social stigma
  • To lobby and advocate with government from the acquired data of baseline on the policy formation and reformation for CABA

Project Activities

  • Baseline survey.
  • Online mapping of CABA.
  • Monthly Nutritional Support for 20 Infected Children .
  • Education Support for 80 Children infected and affected by AIDS .
  • Advocacy and lobbying with Government for policy formation and reformation.
  • Development of IEC materials, Nutritional & Educational support for CABA, online & offline petitions and Social Media campaigning .