Goma Rai was the Founder member of the shakti Samuha, a non-profit organization working against women trafficking and enslavement formed by the survivors of women trafficking in India. The organization works to boost the self esteem level of the victims, advocates and lobbies for necessary changes to the law. Later, it was realized that a separate organization was needed to work for the empowerment of women infected by HIV/AIDS, other than the trafficking survivors as well. With Her Initiation and leadership, she has formed Shakti Milan Samaj- with the vision of establishing just societies for women and their children living with HIV/AIDS, Shakti Milan Samaj was formed a decade ago and Goma Rai was one of the founder members of it. She has put her efforts; experiences and expertise to help the organization come to this level. She has worked day and night for the development of the organization and currently she is working as Executive Director.
Additionally, she was the chairperson of National Association of people living with HIV/AIDS (NAP+N) from the year 2010 to 2013. During her tenure, she has shown the path for the successful operation of Organization, making its service reachable for wider range of people. Also, she has served as the secretary of NFWLHA, which is a network of 26 organizations committed to highlight and respond to the needs of women living with HIV and their children, from 2009 to 2011. Also, she was the treasurer of Asia Pacific Network (APN) from 2012 to 2015.
An active figure in the field of HIV/AIDS and Women Violence. Goma Rai, has come a long way in her professional career. Also, she has worked to reduce violence, stigma and discrimination for women and their children living with HIV/AIDS from her personal level as well.