ANNUAL YEAR 2016|2017 Accomplishment

For more than 10 years, we are delivering services to women and children infected and affected by AIDS.Taking positive actions and connection to transform the lives of women and children infected and affected by HIV|AIDS through delivering and providing services of community care center , community home based care , reintegration, rehabilitation, prevention, protection, social sensitization, advocacy, sustainable and improved livelihood, disaster management , climate change,humanitarian  and Empowerment. 

Our foucs is an empowering women and transforming lives of children.If women will be empowered they can tranform the lives of their children in access to education, food and nutrition, health care and management . 

We are happy to share that  all donation with the financial and technical support of International , National donor agencies, Non-profit management organization and single donor has brings growth and positive impacts in the lives of women and children lviing with HIV|AIDS and women and children affected by HIV|AIDS. During this more than ten program and project implementation Shakti Milan Samaj has accomplished some major impacts . 

Economically empowered 25 women living with HIV|AIDS were supported in Income generation through seed money and vocational training . 

Distribution and support of quality food and Nutrition Security for 300 children living with HIV|AIDS  

4375 People living with HIV|AIDS received residential , social care , medical treatment , transportation , clinical test and PMTCT support through Community Care Center .