Empowering Women and Children Against HIV and AIDS

Empowering Women and Children Against HIV and AIDS

  • shakti milan samaj
  • 1st ,January 2017 - 31st ,December 2019
  • EWACH( On Going )-
  • HIV - AIDS effected Women and Children's

Project Objectives

  • Facilitate vocational training and income generation activities for to empower women economically
  • Raise awareness and organize behavior change communication activities to reduce the HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination.
  • Strengthen institutional development and human resource capacity building of implementing agency for financial sustainability and technical competencies

Project Information

 EWACH Project Main Activities for Three Years:  

Organize HIV/AIDS information and preventions sessions at schools, street drama at public places, talk program, quiz contest , learning events and peer sharing .
Conduct market assessment to finalize potential vocational training areas, and understand the demand-supply status.

Identify and select 25 poor HIV infected women interested in the identified business areas

Identify and select 20 poor HIV infected women interested in the vocational Training 

Facilitate vocational training, and business plan orientation for the women (third-party training). 

Disburse start-up grant and assist to initiate the business by the women (facilitate for soft loans from banks).

Train key members and staffs on positive speaking, leadership, and coordination, networking and fundraising.
Facilitate in linking the businesses with concerned networks, association, and federation.

Advocate the agency’s formed and managed CABA youth club and crisis care centre.  

Organize yearly advocacy gathering with major players in HIV/ AIDS. 

Develop IEC materials and distribute to major project stakeholders.

Monitor and follow-up of the businesses run by the women.

Facilitate interpersonal communication. 

Celebrate HIV/AIDS world day.

The EWACH project focus on three major Out put areas of HIV/AIDS effected  women and childrens:
EMPOWER: Economically empower the HIV/AIDS effected women through vocational training and income generation activities.
AWARENESS: Raise awareness of stakeholders through behavior change communication (BCC).

CAPACITY BUILDING: build institutional and human resource capacity of agencies established by HIV/AIDS infected women, particularly Shakti Milan Samaj.