23 July, 2018


Shakti Milan Samaj: My new Home

                                      Shakti Milan Samaj; My new home

I have no clue
regarding my birth, including my birthplace, mother’s name or her physical
features. My mother passed away after some days of my birth. After her death,
my father went to India for a better living. Before leaving, he handed me over
to a neighbor. Soon after his return, my father married another woman. My step
mother arranged a job for me and that was to look after some pigs in a farm. I
grew up with my step brother and a step sister.

After my father’s
death, I soon became a burden to the family so they decided to let go of me.
Within a year my step mother married another guy, later on she left me alone
there. That was the time when I started getting sick, I frequently used to get
sick but because my employer was a decent man he used to take me to the
hospital. It seemed like that there was no cure for me. During the course of my
treatment when the doctors examined my blood, it already contained HIV virus. Hence
the AIDS was and is still regarded as a stigma, he took no time and handed me
over to Shakti Samuha, Pyuthan. After some days of stay the members of Shakti
Samuha brought me here in Kathmandu. In 16th November 2011, they
brought me here in Shakti Milan Samaj’s hostel. At that period of time, I was
really scared of the thought that I’ll still be treated as I already
encountered during my job. But like a miracle all of my negative thoughts
turned just opposite, they gave the motherly love, started my treatment. I
started taking ARV. Shakti Milan Samaj took over my full responsibilities including
my education, health care and my well being. A girl from Pyuthan is studying in
a English medium school. Shakti Milan Samaj literally fulfills all my needs.
The hostel people are so nice and caring as if they’re all my mothers. Shakti
Milan Samaj has given so much to me that I could never have imagined I’ll be
able to get. Here I could study and look after myself without performing a
single household task. They  always
encourage me to study hard. My goal now is to study hard and give back a little
that I owe to Shakti Milan Samaj and hope that the Shakti Milan Samaj continues
the deeds they always have been doing.