Supportive Environment for Children Affected by AIDS

Supportive Environment for Children Affected by AIDS

  • World Childhood Foundations( Sweden )
  • Shakti Milan Samaj
  • 1st may -2016- 31st July 2017
  • SECA(On going )
  • Children Affected by AIDS

Project Objectives

  • To ensure access to adequate nutrition for CABA essential to cope with the side effects of HIV treatment.
  • To provide vocational and livelihoods training to potential youths for better income and Livelihood Opportunity. Objective 2: To empower caba, unite them in a child club, make them aware of their rights and give them knowledge on HIV/AIDS and essential life skills to for better livelihood.
  • To Raise awareness on HIV/AIDS among young people and sensitize them on stigma and discrimination imposed to caba through international children day celebration etc.

Project Information

Supportive Environment For Children's affected by AIDS project main Activities for 15 months 

Capacity Building and sharing of good social practices ( GSP , Lesson learnt ) 
 Information , education, and communication (IEC)materials for behavioral change 
Celebration of International Children Day -Exposure Visit , Museum Visit , Quiz and Debate Contest
Workshop and Training 
Nutrition Support 
Education Support 
Major Achivement: 
Relief materials were distributed to the 22 HIV infected children and 9 HIV infected women to those who are mostly affected by devasting earth quake.     
Every Months- 25 HIV positive children were provided with the Nutrition support on monthly basis which helps them to enable them to cope with the side effects of ART and increase the level of CD4 count 
120 CABA were provided with the education support in which 100 are from school level and 20 are from higher secondary level.